Half Mom Half Coffee Feltie - Car Air Freshener

Half Mom Half Coffee Feltie - Car Air Freshener

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Each Feltie comes with its own spray bottle (3ml) - lightly mist 1-2 times & refresh as needed. Item is made out of felt


- A Thousand Wishes *is very sweet like BBW

- Black Ice *masculine scent of citrus & woods*

- Butt naked *tropical fruity scent*

- Caribbean Escape *Island breeze pineapple-like

- Leather and Lace *leather with a hint of vanilla*

- leather *smoky deep new car scent*

- Mahogany Teakwood *a deep, woodsy scent*

- Piña Colada *sweet pineapple and coconut*

- Strong Lumberjack *very masculine scent*

- Volcano *citrus and sweet/like Capriblue*

- Amaretto *almonds and cherries*

- Love Spell *like peach&cherry blossom

- Strawberries & Champagne *sweet&sugary*

- Monkey farts *Fruity and fun scent*

- endless weekend *Berry sorbet w/ light hints of summer flowers*

- western lace *lemon blossom, sun-dried cotton, & English lavender*

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